everything is possible, if you believe

holaa, soy ana (anita si prefieren xD), tengo 18 años, soy piola, me gusta reír, emm me encanta la música, rock, hardcore, post, etc. adoro los tatuajes, los piercing me encantan. pregunten no mas ;)
Ciel “Smile” Phantomhive.

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"There wasn’t a misunderstanding since I do like you"

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Te conoci por error, por suerte, por cosa del destino o porque simplemente tenia que pasar, pero, de veras que me cambiaste la vida que llevaba.
Chibi  kuroshitsuji: book of circus

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Ao Haru Ride Op: Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru (The World has Fallen in Love)

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The Four Elements • Fire

The three of them were now the only ones left in the common room, Seamus having just gone up to bed cursing Snape and his essay. The only sounds were the crackling of the fire and Ron scratching out one last paragraph on Dementors using Hermione’s quill.

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